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AFS Balloonist

AFS introduces its first balloonist, Mr Jonathan Mitchell Gates, aged 34, who is participating at the 23rd FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship.


FAI Sporting Code

Singapore, 3 April 2018 : Air Sports Federation of Singapore (AFS) takes this opportunity to remind all its pilots, athletes, associate members, affiliate members and members of the public that any FAI Sporting Licence...


AFS joins Airsports Federation of Asia

Bangkok, Thailand : AFS joins Air Sports Federation of Asia as a member. AFA is a pan asian airsports organisation formed under the auspices of FAI, built for the promotion of asian airsports agenda....


AFS becomes signatory of ADS guidelines

Air Sports Federation of Singapore has committed itself to anti doping by becoming a signatory of Anti Doping Singapore’s guidelines.   Click here for more details.

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Paragliding IPPI Cards, FAI Delegations and AFS Meeting minutes

Singapore, 10 January 2018 : Air Sports Federation of Singapore (AFS) would like to share some updates with regard to FÉDÉRATION AÉRONAUTIQUE INTERNATIONALE (FAI) news : Paragliding IPPI Cards – Paragliding proficiency cards are...


RMS Open House 2017

Singapore 18 Nov 2017 : Radio Modellers Singapore (RMS) conducted their 2017 open house with many RC performances and flying presentations. We’ll let the photos and videos do the talking!


1st FAI World Fly In Expo, Wuhan 2017

Wuhan, China, 4-7 November 2017 : Air Sports Federation of China (ASFC) invited Air Sports Federation of Singapore (AFS) to attend their 1st FAI World Fly In Expo held in Wuhan, China. With the...