FAI / AFS Young Artists Competition 2019


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Air Sports Federation of Singapore will be conducting a young artists competition in response to FAI’s young artists competition. The competition is themed “MY DREAM TO FLY!”. Persons born between 01 January 2001 and
31 December 2012 are eligible to enter this competition. The rules and submission details are published below.

AFS will now be accepting entries for this competition.


From the FAI website :

Have you ever sat in class, looked out the window, and wondered what it would be like to fly? If so, you are not alone! Teachers might not always like it, but something about looking at the sky calls us to daydream about what is possible. Orange embers floating above a campfire do the same, and who has not been a little envious seeing a hawk soar across the sky? Inside all of us, a dream to fly is just waiting for the chance to come to life.

Nature has many ways to encourage us to dream. Whether it is the hot embers of the campfire floating up or tree leaves floating down, each dares us to dream of riding the currents of air across the sky. In response, we dream of creating hot air balloons of all shapes and colors. Their burners blast heat into the envelop of the balloon, heating the air and lifting us into the sky. For those who want to join the hawks of the air, dreams of flight will lead to new gliders of all types. Advanced and novel gliders, paragliders, and hang gliders will allow us to soar through the air with ease and grace.

Back on the ground, those of us who want to tame the wind instead of surfing along it dream of creating new planes and helicopters that will allow us to challenge the wind and fly wherever we want. Visions of new aerobatic planes races through our minds as they will one day race through the sky. Or maybe you dream of joining your friends in a specially designed helicopter that allows you to sight see your neighborhood, city, or countryside. For others, the race to the border of space will lead to dreams of jet powered planes going faster and higher than ever before.

Each achievement in flight has started with a dream. Along the way, the next generation of aviation enthusiast have built their dreams on the works of those who came before. Now, it’s your turn. Where ever your imagination takes you when you look to the clouds, it’s time to pick up your favorite art supplies and share your dream to fly!


  • Eligibility: All children in the age groups shown below are encouraged to participate in the Contest, even if they are related to officials or employees of the FAI or AFS or any of its affiliated members. Participation in the AFS Young Artists Competition 2019 is strictly for Singaporean Residents ONLY (i.e SC / SPR / DP / LTVP ).
  • Age Groups: Entries will be judged in 3 classes:
    • Group I – Junior Category (Date of birth between 1 January 2009 and 31 December 2012).
    • Group II – Intermediate Category (Date of birth between 1 January 2005 and 31 December 2008).
    • Group III – Senior Category (Date of birth between 1 January 2001 and 31 December 2004)
    • The winners in each age group will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, together with diplomas, from the FAI.
  • Format: 
    • The entry shall be done on A3 paper (297 x 420 mm or 11 3/4 X 16 ½ inches).
    • Artwork must not be framed or outlined with borders
    • All Artwork must be submitted in ORIGINAL. No copies are allowed.
  • Medium: All artwork must be done by hand (or, in the case of handicapped children, by foot or mouth). Any of the following media are permitted:
    • Watercolor
    • Acrylic
    • Oil paint
    • Indelible marker pens
    • Felt-tip pens
    • Soft ball-point pens
    • Indelible ink
    • Crayola, or any similar indelible medium
    • The following media are NOT permitted:
      No pencil, charcoal or other non-permanent medium may be used.
      No computer-generated artwork is permitted.
      No collage work involving the use of photocopies is permitted.
  • Other rules:
    • Entries shall not depict any religious signs.
    • Entries shall not depict any political signs.
    • No depiction of vulgarity, implicit or explicit

Submission Details

  • Address for Entries:
    • Air Sports Federation of Singapore, 100 Haig Road, #10-02, Dunman View, Singapore 438797
    • All submissions may be made either by post or by hand to the above address.
  • Markings: The following details should be clearly shown on the back of art:
    • Title (There is no need for a title on the poster and entrants can decide for themselves whether or not to include one; however there should be a clearly recognisable link to the theme of the contest)
    • Family name
    • Given name
    • House Address
      Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
    • Name and address of school which child attends
    • Certificate of Authenticity – (The Certificate is to be worded as follows)
      • I/We certify that this is the original and unassisted work of …………… (name of entrant)“. We certify that …………… (name of entrant) is a resident of SINGAPORE.
    • (Certificates are to be signed by the entrant’s teacher, or other suitable person)
  • Due Date :
    • All submissions should reach the above address before 28 February 2019, 6 PM.
  • Note for certifier:
    • AFS will not ask for the entrant’s NRIC, and no partiality will be shown to any resident category.
    • This however, implies that the submission is made in good faith. Without the NRIC, there is no way for AFS to verify an entrants’ age. Therefore, any mistruth discovered by or reported to us later will be forwarded to FAI, all medals and diplomas thus be rendered invalid, and the offending entrant and certifier will be banned from AFS for a minimum period of 2 years.

Competition Details

AFS will accept submissions for the three age group categories as mentioned in the ‘Rules’ section above. The top three submissions from each category (therefore, a total of 9 entries) will be chosen to be submitted to FAI for the FAI Young Artists Competition 2019.

Entries will be judged by an Jury that will be appointed by AFS in due course of time (another annoucement shall be done in view of the same). The top three submissionsin each age group will be competing with a similar number of entries from other countries in the world (e.g Malaysia, Indonesia).

If there are less than 3 valid submissions in any one of the age categories, all of the valid submissions in that category shall be sent to FAI (‘valid’ as per the rules written above).

All submissions shall be AFS property upon receipt by AFS. If you would like to have a copy of your artwork, you are recommended to take a good quality scan+print of it.

The overall winners in each age group will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, together with diplomas from the FAI. Winner Details will be published here on this website.

Please use the contact form on the contact us page if you would like to clarify something with us.

Official results will also be released to the media.

Good Luck, and All the best to you!