AFS Anti Doping Guidelines

Air Sports Federation of Singapore (AFS) is a signatory of Anti Doping Singapore (ADS) guidelines. All AFS athletes / competitors are subject to ADS rules and regulations. Any non compliance will lead to disqualification of membership, sporting licence and/or affiliation to AFS.

The Anti Doping Guidelines adopted by AFS can be found below, correct as of 28 January 2018.


Air Sports Federation of Singapore (AFS) shall:

  1. Agree to observe, abide by and implement the provisions of the Anti-Doping
    Policy of Singapore and the ADS Anti-Doping Rules in respect of our affairs and
  2. Condemn the use of doping in sport. We will recognize the right of
    all our Athletes to participate in a sport that is free from the misuse of drugs.
    AFS is committed to educate, inform and test, as appropriate, participants
    competing in AFS in Singapore, and representing Singapore, so that it remains a
    drug-free sport.
  3. Through AFS’ afficiated clubs, AFS shall endeavor our best effort to ensure that
    all our Athletes, Athlete support personnel and other persons under the
    jurisdiction of AFS to comply with Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore and the
    ADS Anti-doping Rules set out and published by AFS and ADS.
  4. In testing our Athletes, AFS shall be committed to handling the management of
    results in a confidential and accountable manner and to carry out disciplinary
    procedures where appropriate by the fair and independent process it has agreed
    with our members and with ADS, our appointed National Anti-Doping
    Organization for the collection of doping control samples.


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